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Quality Dental Restorations in Taylorsville, UT

Following disease, decay, or dental trauma, patients may find it difficult to maintain effective oral hygiene and function. Restoration dental treatments provide patients with a way to improve the long-term function and health of their smile. At our Taylorsville dental office, Dr. Roberson provides patients with the procedures and education needed to reestablish your oral health for the long-term.


Restoration Services in Taylorsville

In order to provide effective and lasting dental care, treatments must be tailored to meet each patient’s functional and oral health needs. At Copper View Dental, we use advanced technology such as intra-oral cameras to take an in-depth look at all parts of the mouth and develop treatment plans that address these unique oral components.

When combined with thorough explanations of each procedure, our Taylorsville patients are able to make informed choices when it comes to developing their own treatment plan. Additionally, this planning stage provides patients with an idea as to what they can expect their results to look like.

Type of Restorations at Copper View Dental

To meet the unique needs of our patients, our Taylorsville practice offers a number of dental restorations designed to help patients regain full dental capability while improving the look of their smile. Two of the most popular types of dental restorations offered at our dental office include fillings and crowns.

  • Dental fillings can be either tooth colored or silver, depending on the material selected. Often, dental fillings are used to restore teeth that have been minimally fractured or suffered from minor tooth decay or surface damage.
  • Dental crowns are an excellent solution for patients suffering from extensive damage caused by trauma or extensive decay or for those recovering from root canal therapy. Tooth-shaped, crowns sit above the vulnerable tooth, preventing further damage or infection while reinforcing the structure of the tooth and overall teeth alignment.

Before Receiving Your Restoration

For certain patients, more extensive treatment is required prior to the placement of any restorations. In particular, root canal therapy may be needed to ensure the longevity and overall health of the restoration.

During this procedure, small canals are created within the affected tooth to remove the infected pulp and nerve. This prevents the spread of the infection to the surrounding teeth and bone structure. If left untreated, infected or abscessed teeth can cause restoration failure as well as compromise the oral health of the patient. To provide patients with restoration success, Taylorsville dentist Dr. Roberson may recommend root canal therapy before placing your final restoration.

Restorations in Taylorsville

Completing your smile after extensive dentistry is crucial to ensuring lasting oral health. At Copper View Dental, we approach dental restorations conservatively, ensuring that patients know exactly what they’re getting and how it will contribute to their long-term oral function and health. For more information about treating and restoring teeth after damage or decay, contact our Taylorsville dental office today.


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